7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

By Raymond Walley
Manufactured by: Walsall Model Industries,  Unit 16/17 Short Acre Street, WALSALL, WS28HW.  Tel: 01922 633718.  E-mail: info@walsallmodelinsudtries.co.uk  Website: https://www.walsallmodelindustries.co.uk/index.php/home-home/?k=2108:1:: 
I rate this kit as: 5-4-4

Among the kist lurking in my cupboards is this opffering from Bill Parker of WEP Models (now taken over by Walsall Model Industries).  It is a 'one off' wooden off, probably converted from a Mink D so, a very specific vehicle with a somewhat limited range.  Made for Wolverhampton Lovomotive Works Department but coule have been seen anywhere in the Northern Division on breakdown duties.


I forgot to take pictures of the parts before I started but it comes as a sheet of finely etched parts taped to some stout card together with a bag of parts for the doors and underframe components.  There are the usual excellent instructions runing to seven pages and include exploded diagrams and a map of parts on the sheet.


As is my usual method I began by working with parts in the flat as much as possible and this is made easy by Bill's excelllent design that allows one to fix all the stantions by inserting the tabs in the slots and then carefully twisting them on the inside.  This applies also to the two layers for the ends door, the tabs are long enough to cope with the extra depth here.


Sides and ends


Here are the sides, ends and floor largely complete with all bolt heads pressed out and bends (some of them very tight) and one of the wheel set units is soldered square up ready for use.  This was all achieved while demonstrating ethced kit construction at ESGOG's recent open day  The only solder used elsewhere so far is for the coupling plates, the sole bars, builder's plate and label holders.   The next stage will be to complete all remaining fitting for the sides, including the door stops and doors, though they will not be fitted until the body is constructed since they are white metal and will be glued in place.