7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.

By Raymond Walley
Manufactured by: Walsall Model Industries,  Unit 16/17 Short Acre Street, WALSALL, WS28HW.  Tel: 01922 633718.  E-mail: info@walsallmodelinsudtries.co.uk  Website: https://www.walsallmodelindustries.co.uk/index.php/home-home/?k=2108:1:: 
I rate this kit as: 5-4-5

This Review is Still to be Completed.

What's on the etch?The 3 plank differs a little from the 1 and 2 plank.  Its construction is far more akin to the 4 plank and 5 plank wagons.


Whereas the 1 and 2 plank wagon bodies can be simply clipped to the chassis, the 3 plank needs to be soldered.  It differs also in that the sole bars are an edge solder, most unusual for a WEP kit.


Beware, the instructions suggest that there are two folds in the solebars but there is only one.  The whole thing is then soldered to the floor between the buffer beams.

the sole barsIt is a tight fit and it is necessary to file the cusps off so as to get a truly straight line.


NOT SO! Bill tells me.  I will look at this again when I do the batch build and alter the review.


door furnitureThe door furniture fitted.


The holes in some parts did not line up well but it made no difference to fitting some 5mm wire as door lock posts anyway.


completed 3 plank bodyA good deal more is due to be added in due course.


See also these reviews for further information about GWR opens in general: 1&2 Plank Open, 4 Plank Open & 5 Plank Open.





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